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Your dreams of being a space explorer are finally within reach. Starfield is here, and there is so much to see. With several hundred hours of unique gameplay to experience, it is incredibly easy to get lost in this beautiful galaxy Bethesda has created for us.

Starfield Review: An Unforgettable Space Epic
A destiny born in the stars.

Starfield is a massive space epic that lets you build the explorer of your dreams, design your own spaceships and outposts from the ground up, develop friendships and romance with your companions, and uncover the greatest mysteries the galaxy has to offer. You play as the newest member of Constellation, a group dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the mysterious artifacts found scattered throughout the systems. The decisions and alliances you make will greatly shape your story and the fate of the galaxy. But you don't have to do it all alone. We're here to help ensure you are equipped for any and all situations the universe throws at you.