Craft your own story in Bethesda's epic open-world (or open-galaxy) RPG. With factions to join, wars to fight, and over 1000 planets to explore, Starfield is the legendary RPG developer's most ambitious game yet.

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PC , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S
September 6, 2023


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A Primed For Life Planet & Sulfur Pool  1
Starfield: Where To Find A Primed For Life Planet

Many planets in Starfield's galaxy are Primed For Life; but what does that mean and where can you find one?

The Pale Lady Ship & The Player Finding The Dead Crew 1
Starfield: Where To Find The Pale Lady

The Pale Lady is one of Starfield's creepiest urban legends, here's how to find it and see for yourself.

The Player Talking To Marko & The Rough Landings Mission 1
Starfield: Rough Landings Quest Walkthrough

Starfield's populated cities are full of random citizens that could use your help; here's how to complete the Rough Landing quest.

starfield sarah and keyart 1
Starfield Player Shows Drastic Lighting Differences In New Update

It's just one of the many improvements included in the latest Starfield update.

starfield resident evil reference 1
A Character From The Best There Is & The SY-920 Station 1
Starfield: How To Enter SY-920

Despite Starfield's incredibly open galaxy to explore, there are a few locations players can't walk right into; here's how to enter SY-920.

The Sensor Contact Icon & The Player Looting A Destroyed Ship  1
Starfield: Sensor Contact Explained

Starfield has all sorts of random elements to make your journey through the galaxy more interesting, with one being random sensor contacts.

Starfield planets and resources gameplay 1
Starfield Players Call For Bethesda To Remove "Cartoonishly Bad" Environmental Hazards

The discussion around Starfield's environmental hazards has been reignited, as players think they need to be removed or, at least, reworked.

The Ship Service Technician & The Abyss Trekker 1
Starfield: Where To Get The Abyss Trekker

The Abyss Trekker is a powerful Class C ship players can fly in Starfield; here's where to get it.

The Planet Bessel III-B & Its Surface  1
Starfield: Where To Find Bessel III-B

Bessel III-B may seem like a random moon on the surface; but has a lot more for Starfield players to see and experience than one may think.

A Starborn, Starborn Temple, and The Lodge  1
Starfield: Ending Explained

After traveling the galaxy and finding all the artifact pieces, the secrets to the galaxy were revealed.

16 - starfield toliman- half border_4.10.1 1
Starfield: Where To Find Toliman II

Toliman II is an important planet to the lore of Starfield; and is hiding in a very obvious place.

Bethesda and Xbox Starfield Direct gameplay and new images 1
Starfield's Lack Of Impact From Player Actions Is Being Called "Frustrating" And "Generic"

Players are sharing stories about where an in-game impact would have increased their immersion.

15 - starfield jessamine - half border_4.8.1 1
Starfield: Where To Find & Recruit Jessamine

Jessamine is a unique companion perfect for those living on the wrong side of the law in Starfield; here's how to recruit her.

Starfield featured image Cora Vasco and ship 1
An Old Starfield Concept Art Piece Has Players Longing For What Could Have Been

We got a very different Starfield than this image shows.

The Aranae System & Aranae I Being Scanned 1
Starfield: Where To Find The Aranae System

Starfield has all sorts of randomized elements to keep each playthrough different and take players to every corner of the galaxy.

The Planet Voss & It In The System Map 1
Starfield: Where To Find Voss

The moon Voss has much to see on both the surface and in orbit in Starfield; here's where to find it.

The Planet Hillex & It Being Scanned 1
Starfield: Where To Find Hillex

Hillex is one of the many planets players can travel to in Starfield; here's where to find it.

A Terrormorph Statue & Creature In The Wild 1
Starfield: Where To Find Terrormorphs

Terrormorphs are one of Starfield's most unique and terrifying creatures; here's where to find them.

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