DualShockers is, first and foremost, people. At our core, we’re a close-knit and highly collaborative community of freelancers, editors, and support staff putting in the sweat to bring you the latest, greatest, and once in a while, the weirdest news in gaming and entertainment.

And really, that’s just the beginning — from in-depth, detailed, and digestible guides walking you through that one quest you just can’t beat to op-eds delving into off-beat indie games and obscure console ports, our team has it all.

When Matthew Mercer surfaced as the voice actor for legendary ranger Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3, Jack Coleman got in front of you as fast as his fingers could type (and that’s pretty fast, mind you).

Matthew Schomer caught the internet throwing an ugly fit over God of War Ragnarok receiving a singular less-than-perfect review score, and he made sure you knew about it.

If you needed to find all the Ominous Stakes so you could pry open those shrines in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Christina Roffe had your back.

We even puzzled out the deal with that kid infiltrating 2023’s Game Awards to nominate Bill Clinton after Elden Ring’s big win — because really, you needed to know, didn’t you? Robert Zak did the digging for you.

“Okay, cool. But why are you telling me all this?” you might be wondering. Simple. We’d love to work with you!

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