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Palworld possible inspirations featured image 1
Starfield and Skyrim NexusMods news story featured image 1
Starfield Is Heading Towards The Top Of The Mod Charts Dominated By Skyrim

And the creation kit hasn't been released yet.

palworld 1
Palworld Players Are Praising This Incredibly Useful Building Feature

This feature should be the standard in any survival crafting game.

starfield sarah and keyart 1
Starfield Player Shows Drastic Lighting Differences In New Update

It's just one of the many improvements included in the latest Starfield update.

indiana jones and the great circle third person 1
Indiana Jones Fans Are Debating Whether Or Not The Great Circle Should Be Fully Third-Person

The Great Circle will be predominantly first-person, with third-person cutscenes and traversal.

starfield resident evil reference 1
Starfield planets and resources gameplay 1
Starfield Players Call For Bethesda To Remove "Cartoonishly Bad" Environmental Hazards

The discussion around Starfield's environmental hazards has been reignited, as players think they need to be removed or, at least, reworked.

the last of us 2 ellie and abby 1
wakerunners 1
Dave The Diver Studio Mintrocket Unveils New Sci-Fi Team Battle Game

A demo will be available as part of Steam Next Fest on February 5th.

Bethesda and Xbox Starfield Direct gameplay and new images 1
Starfield's Lack Of Impact From Player Actions Is Being Called "Frustrating" And "Generic"

Players are sharing stories about where an in-game impact would have increased their immersion.

Persona 5 Phantom X parallel universe featured image 1
The Next Persona 5 Spinoff May Be Set In Another Universe

These aren't The Phantom Thieves you know and love.

Starfield featured image Cora Vasco and ship 1
An Old Starfield Concept Art Piece Has Players Longing For What Could Have Been

We got a very different Starfield than this image shows.

overwatch 2 1
Overwatch 2 Players Aren't Happy About Season 9's Self-Healing Ability

The controversial change hasn't gone down well with fans, and it's not even out yet.

Smite 2 Electric God 1
ufc 5 screenshot 3 1
UFC 5 Update 1.004 Adds Five New Fighters And Makes Significant Gameplay Changes

Major changes to UFC 5's striking and grappling mechanics have been deployed.

league of legends stolen design 1
League Of Legends In Hot Water After Stealing Artist's Animation

The popular MOBA failed to credit the original author when repurposing the design for its social media accounts.

warzone season 1 reloaded 1
Warzone Devs Clarify Details On Controversial New Exfil Feature

Raven Software has said the new Covert Exfil feature "won't count as a traditional win."

starfield update 1
Starfield Players Baffled By Scrapped Starmap Featuring Much Cleaner Design

Starfield's original Starmap appeared to be much cleaner, whilst also being more detailed.

suicide squad characters 1
Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Mocked For Mobile Game-Like UI

Suicide Squad's HUD is being heavily criticized for having too much going on.

starfield jack sparrow 1
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