Split image Solid Snake hiding from guard and Sly Cooper on top of building 1
10 Best Spies In Video Games

From the Metal Gear series' Solid Snake to Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, here are some of the best and most influential spies in video games.

Best Manhwa To Read On Webtoons 1
10 Best Manhwa To Read On Webtoons

From Tower of God to Lookism, here are some of the best Korean Manhwa that you can read on Webtoons!

Collage of the best PS1 games that never left Japan (Policenauts, Twilight Syndrome, Mizzurna Falls) 1
10 Best PS1 Games That Never Left Japan

These PlayStation 1 games never left Japan, but they still offer some unique (and unsettling) experiences for gamers on the hunt for something new.

Isekai with non human mc 1
12 Best Isekai Anime With Non-Human Main Characters

From Overlord to Re: Monster, here are some of the best Isekai anime series that feature non-human main characters.

best metroidvania featured image v3 metroid dread hollow knight prince of persia 1
18 Best Metroidvania Games Ever Made, Ranked

This list breaks down the best Metroidvania games around, exploring the genre's origins and the titles that celebrate exploration and discovery.

10 Best Anime For Teens 1
10 Best Anime For Teens, Ranked

Some anime shows teens would definitely love to try.

Sharingan, Haki and Super Saiyen 1
10 Most Iconic Abilities In Anime

From My Hero Academia's AFO to One Piece's Haki, here are some of the most iconic and legendary abilities we've seen in anime.

Feature Best 2D Super Mario Games Feature Replacement 1
10 Scariest Moments In Video Games, Ranked

If you're looking for the scariest moments in video games, look no further!

Solo Leveling: Every Monarch, Ranked 1
Solo Leveling: Every Monarch, Ranked

From Ashborn to Legia, here are the strongest and the most menacing Monarchs in Solo Leveling.

8 Best Upcoming Anime By MAPPA 1
Look Out For These Best Upcoming Anime From MAPPA

MAPPA has some impressive shows under its sleeves this year.

Best Fantasy Manga Feature 1
From Bleach To Berserk, These Are The Best Fantasy Manga Ever

Discover the allure of some of the best fantasy manga with gems like Bleach, Hell's Paradise, and Berserk.

Marvel-Snap-Captain-Marvel-Card-Variants 1
Marvel Snap: 15 Coolest Card Variants, Ranked

Card Variants are the star of the show in Marvel Snap, and these are the coolest ones in the game.

prince of persia the lost crown tips tricks featured image 1
Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown - 10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown offers quite a few helpful features and hidden mechanics. This list breaks down the most important things to know.

Pokemon, Spy X Family, Gintama 1
10 Best Action Comedy Anime, Ranked

From Pokemon to Gintama, here are some of the best action comedy anime series of all time!

Clash-Royale-Best-2v2-Decks 1
Clash Royale: 5 Best 2v2 Decks, Ranked

2v2 is a popular casual mode in Clash Royale and is a great way to create a chaotic scene on the battlefield and try out some wild ideas.

Best Romance Manga Feature 1
10 Best Romance Manga, Ranked

From A Bride's Story to The Flowers Of Evil, explore the best romance manga for unforgettable love tales.

Best Shoujo Manga Feature 1
10 Best Shoujo Manga, Ranked

Find your next exciting read with the best shoujo manga!

Best Short Anime Films Feature 1
10 Best Short Anime Films, Ranked

Explore the magical worlds of best short anime films with Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor, Aquatic Language, and Neo Tokyo.

Best deck building games feature 1
The 15 Best Deck-Building Games Under $20

Are you craving for more deck-building games? Here are the best budget friendly deck-building games you can get your hands on for under $20!

Biggest Anime Controversies 1
10 Biggest Anime Controversies

From Pokemon's seizure episode to animators complaining about MAPPA's working conditions, here are some biggest anime controversies.

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