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About Leah Donato

Having been a huge fanatic of video games ever since she first got a PS3 at ten years old, Leah Donato is a creative and passionate writer who engrosses herself into writing about all things entertainment; more specifically, she has a knack for writing about her extensive knowledge and admiration for the video game industry. As a film school graduate with a minor in writing, Leah is well-versed in having experience within the writing world (and creating content) under her belt. Before DualShockers, Leah worked as an Entertainment Writing intern at Hollywood Insider, where Leah would mainly enjoy writing about the latest news on the gaming and film industry. Besides writing, Leah spends most of her time reading, playing obscure and indie video games, and watching films that inspire her. Alongside such, she also has a notable obsession with both the “Dragon Age” and “Dark Souls” video game series.

Favorite Games and Genres

Leah's favorite games include Silent Hill 3, Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, Dragon Age: Origins, and Dark Souls 3. Her favorite genres mainly revolve around survival horror and immersive RPGs.

First Game Console and Preferred Platforms

Leah's first game console was the PlayStation 3, and she continues to prefer playing PlayStation consoles to this day. She also adores playing on the PC as well.

Industry Focus

Leah has a passionate focus on writing about the video game industry. One day, she'd love to write a story for indie video games that inspire and entertain audiences for the better.

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