The Last Of Us VS The Last Of Us Part 2: Which Game Is Better? 1
The Last Of Us Part 2 VS The Last Of Us Part 1: Which Game Is Better?

We put these two gigantic titles against each other and break it down to see which one is better: The Last of Us Part 2 or The Last of Us Part 1.

Collage of the best PS1 games that never left Japan (Policenauts, Twilight Syndrome, Mizzurna Falls) 1
10 Best PS1 Games That Never Left Japan

These PlayStation 1 games never left Japan, but they still offer some unique (and unsettling) experiences for gamers on the hunt for something new.

Fighting games feature image featuring Killer Instinct, Brawlhalla, and Guilty Gear 1
10 Best Fighting Games For Under $5

Once you've completed Tekken 8, you'll need to take these 10 fighting games for a round or two - and they're all available to buy for under $5.

Split feature image with stills from Nioh, Bloodborne, and Sifu 1
10 Best Souls-Like Games For Under $20

If you want the torment to continue after Elden Ring, these 10 Souls-like games for under $20 should prolong the agony.

orizon Forbidden West's Aloy, Marvel's Spider-Man 2's Peter Parker In Black Suit, and God of War Ragnarok's Kratos Mash-Up 1
The God Of War, Horizon, And Marvel’s Spider-Man Sequels All Have The Same Problem

Good games getting overshadowed by their groundbreaking first entries.

Split feature image with Manhunt, A Plague Tale, and Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 1
10 Best Survival Horror Games For Under $10

Prepare for heart-racing gaming sessions and sleepless nights after playing these 10 survival horror games for under $10.

10 Best Games Like Baldur's Gate 3 For Under $30 1
10 Best Games Like Baldur's Gate 3 For Under $30

Looking for other games to play now that you have fallen in love with Baldur's Gate 3? Here are 10 of the best for under $30.

Split Metroidvania feature image with Hollow Knight, Bloodstained, Blasphemous 1
10 Best Metroidvania Games For Under $15

Striking graphics with challenging combat await in these 10 Metroidvania games available to buy for under $15.

playstation end of year deals featured image 1
10 Best Games In PlayStation's End Of Year Deals, Starting As Low As $4

PlayStation is running end of year deals and that means lots of great titles to pick up at a bargain. Here are 10 of the best to grab right now.

gaming Christmas stocking featured image 1
The Coolest Gaming Stocking Stuffers This Christmas 2023

Stocking stuffers are an essential part of Christmas but knowing what to put in them can be a challenge. Here are the best gaming must-haves.

PlayStation 5 console Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Bundle, controller, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Bundle 1
2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Playstation Gift Ideas For Christmas

Not too sure what gifts to buy the Playstation fan in your life? Don't worry as we have some of the best presents to pick up this Christmas 2023.

God Of War And Resident Evil 4 Special Controllers 1
10 Best Special Edition PlayStation Controllers, Ranked

PlayStation is no stranger to the special edition controller, and these are the best of the best.

Product image of the PS5 Slim consoles with controllers and bundles on a grey background 1
These PS5 Slim Bundle Deals Reduce Spider-Man 2 And More To $10

Here are the best PS5 Slim bundles and deals on offer, alongside everything you need to know about the new, sleek model.

Black Friday deals including Tears of the Kingdom, Logitech G305 mouse and Corsair HS65 in 2023 1
Don't Miss These Black Friday Gaming Deals For Under $50 To Grab On A Budget

If you're gaming on a budget, here are the best Black Friday deals for under $50 you've been waiting for.

Razer wallpaper with the blue PS5 & green Xbox logos with various products on the background 1
Razer's Black Friday Deals On Controllers & Charging Stands Offer Mega Savings

There's something for every gamer - including Forza fans. Here are the best Black Friday deals from Razer on controllers and charging stands.

PlayStation Consoles Feature 1
Every PlayStation Console Design, Ranked

Sony has released 12 home consoles over the years, but which is the best-looking?

Sony PlayStation Portal playing Horizon Forbidden West 1
Best Games to Play On Sony’s PlayStation Portal

Now that Sony's PlayStation portal is out in the wild, let's find some of the best games you can cozy up with and play.

PS5-Twitter-THUMB 1
PlayStation Killed Twitter Support, Here's How to Post Your Clips

You can't post to Twitter from your PS5 directly anymore, but sharing clips is still super easy. Here's how.

Phil Spencer of Xbox and Jim Ryan of Playstation with Activision Blizzard characters 1
PlayStation Could Really Use A 'Gamer CEO' Like Phil Spencer

With Jim Ryan on the way out, Sony needs a successor who’s as capable of talking to gamers as they are to shareholders.

PlayStation Plus Price Increase Fans Mad-1 1
PlayStation Widely Lambasted By Fans For Its Sudden Price Hike Announcement

Many believe the PlayStation Plus price increase simply isn't justified.

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