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About Wyatt Grondin

Wyatt Grondin is a writer for Gaming Guides and Features content on DualShockers. A natural completionist with an obsession with the inner workings of nearly every game he plays, even the ones he doesn't end up liking.

Industry Focus

My focus is fairly analytical, I like making sure I have looked at plenty of angles whether I'm just finding a collectible or if I plan on making a think-piece. It's fun to overanalyze and then boil those musings into something readable.

Favorite Games and Genres

Top Six -
Pokemon Emerald, Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch, Kingdom Hearts, Spyro: Year Of The Dragon, Doki Doki Literature Club, Red Dead Redemption.

Genres -

3D Platformers, RPGs (sadly not cRPGs but I respect them), Point-and-Click Aventures, Horror (but I'm picky), Sandbox games (although yes we are oversaturated these days), and Licensed games (both guilty pleasures and true gems).

First Game Console and Preferred Platforms

A computer; my father always was a tech adapter so our family computer was good enough to play games. However, I followed up with a Game Boy Color and PlayStation 1 but can't remember which was first.

Can't say I have a preferred platform though thanks to this, I instead appreciate getting so comfortable that I have to try one of my other systems out again. And favorites mostly shift based on how well behaved the current console is at the time.

Latest Articles

Split Image Ultra Hat Dimension With Gun Crazy And PS5 Platinum Trophy 1
How I Earned Two Platinum Trophies Without Even Beating The Games

Takes speed running to a complete different level.

Split Image LEGO Skywalker Saga Batman Indiana Jones 1
The Skywalker Saga Was Great, But It's Time For Lego Tie-in Games To Evolve

What more can be done with this series that started a long, long time time in a galaxy far, far away?

Baldur's Gate 3 with Honkai: Star Rail characters 1
Sorry Baldur's Gate 3, But Honkai: Star Rail Takes Priority For Me In 2024

I'd rather pull for characters over rolling for initiative.

Split Image Hi-Fi Rush Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Halo Legendary 1
If You're Going To Have Difficulty Settings, Please Make Them Interesting

Don't put in a hard mode if you don't do it properly.

Starfielsd resource gathering featured image 1
The Quiet Joy Of Being A Humble Resource Farmer In Starfield

More like Farmfield am I right? Starfarm? Anybody?

Dead Master Chief With Acrophobia Skull 1
My Mad, Foolish Attempt To Beat Halo Without Touching The Ground

Don't let these wings be the end of us Chief.

Saints Row 4 Game Logo Zoomed In 1
I Replayed Saints Row IV With Cheat Codes Turned On

Why be a superhero if you can't be invincible?

Split Image Baldur's Gate 3 Robocop Rogue City Nick All Star Brawl 2 Gollum 1
2023 And RoboCop: Rogue City Showed How To Do Licensed Games Right

When you just love things based off other things, 2023 was your year.

Dance Dance Revolution Pad With Guitar Hero Drums Toys-To-Live Figures Eyetoy 1
It's Time For Cute Controller Gimmicks To Make A Comeback

I miss having to make space to plug in a power portal.

Split Image Saints Row 4 Santa With Santa And Boss Dressed As Santa 1
Remember When Saints Row Saved Christmas?

From gangster to Santa-in-training.

Split Image Terapagos With Indigo Disk Credits 1
Split Image Teal Mask Official Artwork Kieran With Indigo Disk In-Game Model Kieran 1
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: Who Is Kieran?

Kieran is an important character in the Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero DLC. Here's everything you'll need to know about him for The Indigo Disk.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet DLC Split Image Turtwig And Egg 1
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: How To Get Sinnoh Starters

Hoping to get your hands on Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup? Here's how to get one of their eggs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC!

E3 Logo Slanted With Date Of Death In Corner 1
E3 Is Officially Gone, And It Leaves Behind A Legacy Hard To Fill

The big gala that couldn't beat the digital age.

Split Image Crystal Pool Scarlet Violet Books 1
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: The Indigo Disk Secret Ending, Explained

There's a lot of surprises within the secret cutscene after the end of The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's DLC.

Split Image Dipplin Evolving Hydrapple 1
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: How To Evolve Dipplin Into Hydrapple

Fan speculation turned out right! Dipplin gained an evolution. Hyrdapple can be yours with just one little item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC.

Split Image Duraludon Evolving Archaludon 1
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: How To Evolve Duraludon Into Archaludon

Ready for the mighty Duraludon to gain an evolved form? Here's everything you'll need to know to find and evolve one in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Split Image Power Surge Trailer Man Yelling SEGA With Crazy Taxi Golden Axe Shinobi Jet Set Radio 1
Sega's Bringing Back Its Forgotten Classics, And I Can't Wait

From once in a blue moon to five in one go.

Split Image Old And Remake Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons 1
Split Image Game Award World Premiere 1
The Game Awards Seems To Have Forgotten That It's An Awards Show

And the award goes to ... after this commercial break.

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