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About Christopher Ng

Chris has a lifelong obsession with games. He's had a goal of showing off the beauty in these virtual worlds and how accessible they are for everyone. 

He's played games almost all of his life, competed in a few tournaments, and loves teaching people about their favorite games. Chris has written guides and articles for other websites like GamersDecide and WebGeekStuff, speedruns Hades for fun, and hopes to jump into more tournaments for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. 

Dualshockers is an amazing opportunity for him to help gamers and create high-quality guides. With a little luck, hopefully his years of competitive gaming experience and his chronic need to research everything involving a game will come in handy for Dualshocker's audience.   
Chris also has an obsession with Magic: The Gathering's Commander format and Warhammer 40k's Kill Team. He'll talk for hours about them if you ask him about it.  

Favorite Games and Genres

I have a ton of favorite games, so here's a short list of my favorite games in no particular order:
- Hades
- Monster Train
- Armored Core 6
- Gundam Extreme Vs
- Titanfall 2
- Monster Hunter (all of them)
- Death's Door
- Blazblue 

For tabletop games, I play every type of Storm and Control deck in Magic: The Gathering, and I love playing Root and Kill Team. 

My favorite genres tend to be shooters, fighters, roguelites, and anything involving mecha.

Industry Focus

I tend to focus on new roguelites, fighting games, some shooters, mecha games, and anything involving Warhammer 40k. 
I also love tournaments and competitions. It's why I love playing fighting games or tabletop skirmish games. 

First Game Console and Preferred Platforms

My first game console was the NES. I played the hell out of Megaman and Duck Hunt. 

Nowadays, I'm more of a PC player. Access to mods and fondness for aim trainers like Kovaak's and Aim Labs have made me fall in love with PC games.  

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