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About Chris Littlechild

Chris has been gaming since receiving an original Game Boy and copies of Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins for the holidays at a tender age. He's been working in the industry for almost as long, writing, editing and training writers for DualShockers, The Gamer, GameRant, ScreenRant, WhatCulture, Ripley's Believe It Or Not! and many more.

Industry Focus

I'm the List and Guide writer Trainer at DualShockers, having created the extensive range of training materials we base the project on. I also curate the resources the rest of the wonderful team have made, to ensure writers have access to all the support and guidance they need.

Favorite Games and Genres

My game of 2023 is Lies of P. My favorite game of all time is Gunstar Heroes, with Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 4, Child of Light and Dungeon Keeper appearing elsewhere in my top ten.

My favorite genres are RPG, roguelike, and the classic 3D platformer.

First Game Console and Preferred Platforms

My first home console was my beloved original PlayStation. 

My favorite was the Sega Genesis and (if handhelds are included) the PS Vita, which were both finally overtaken by Nintendo Switch. PS5 may yet be next!

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