Elden Ring

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Elden Ring

PS5 , Xbox One , PS4 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S
February 25, 2022
From Software
RPG , Action
Online Multiplayer
M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence


Elden Ring Main Artwork With A Broken Knight On Their Knees 1
Elden Ring Was Way Too Long, So Its DLC Should Be Just Right

The Elden Ring DLC needs to fix issues like artificial difficulty and reused optional bosses.

Elden Ring - Larval Tear, Character Facing Giant, & Character Looking Out on Land 1
Elden Ring: All Larval Tear Locations

Larval Tears allow you to respec your character in Elden Ring. There are 18 total in the game, and this guide details where to find all Larval Tears.

Elden Ring Best Tank Build Feature Image 1
Elden Ring: Best Tank Build

If you want to build the tankiest character in Elden Ring, this guide can help!

Elden Ring - Bellum Church Location on Map, Bewitching Branch, & Gideon Ofnir 1
Elden Ring: How To Find & Craft Bewitching Branch

If you're trying to find and craft Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring, this guide has you covered!

elden ring zweihander build location 1
Elden Ring: How To Get The Zweihander

The Zweihander is a Soulsborne classic. This guide details where to find the Zweihander in Elden Ring and details the best build for wielding it.

Elden Ring Tarnished Fighting A Colossal Golem 1
No Game Makes Me Feel As Small As Elden Ring Did

Sorry, Final Fantasy 16, I know you tried.

Feature Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 6 How to Buy 1
Elden Ring: How To Buy Somber Smithing Stone 5 & 6

If you're on the hunt for Somber Smithing Stone 5 and 6 in Elden Ring to level up your weapons, this guide covers how to buy as many as you want.

Elden Ring - Pidia & Shots of the Caria Manor 1
Elden Ring: Pidia Merchant Location & Inventory

Pidia offers some unique wares, including a Larval Tear, but he's hidden away in Caria Manor. Here's how to find this hidden merchant in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring_ Best Strength & Intelligence Build 1
Elden Ring: Best Strength & Intelligence Build

This guide breaks down the best build, stats, weapons, armor, and talismans you'll want to use for a Strength and Intelligence Build in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - Yura, Murkwater Cave on Map, & Nagakiba Katana 1
Elden Ring: How To Get The Nagakiba Katana

If you're looking for the Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring, this guide can help!

Product image of the Elden Ring Ranni Nendoroid with a faded image of the charcater in the background 1
Pre-Order Elden Ring's Ranni The Witch Nendoroid Before Stock Runs Out

To save you from feeling as blue as Ranni the Witch, pre-order this Elden Ring Nendoroid figure during the first wave.

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred DLC and Lilith, Baldur's Gate 3 and Shadowheart, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC 1
Best Steam Deck games 1
16 Best Steam Deck Games In Steam's Winter Sale, Up To 70% Off

Here are the best Steam Deck games you can pick up right now in Steam's Winter sale. These deals are up to 70% off!

Character using Marika's Hammer and the Inseperable Sword in Elden Ring 1
Elden Ring: 10 Best Holy Damage Weapons, Ranked

Holy weapons in Elden Ring enable you to make short work of those who live in death. The list presents 10 of the best holy weapons in Elden Ring.

Featured Image for Elden Ring With The Character Using Fire Weapons 1
Elden Ring: 10 Best Fire Damage Weapons, Ranked

Elden Ring is no short of excellent weapons, but if you're especially searching for fire damage weapons, this list has you covered.

Elden Ring best magic damage weapons 1
Elden Ring: 10 Best Magic Damage Weapons, Ranked

You don't need staves and Sorceries to inflict magic damage in Elden Ring.

Best Games On PS5 1
15 Best PlayStation 5 Games, Ranked

The PlayStation 5 boasts a wide catalog of incredible games to play, so we've ranked some of the best.

Split image Ryuji and Makoto In Persona 5 And Rinwell In Tales Of Arise 1
10 Best RPGs On Xbox Series X, Ranked

From Crusader Kings 3 to Elden Ring and Persona 5, we've ranked the best RPGs available for Xbox Series X.

Elden Ring How To Find The Ruins Greatsword feature image 1
Elden Ring: How To Find The Ruins Greatsword

This colossal weapon boasts impressive size and devastating magic. Here's how to get it.

Elden Ring Bloodborne Demon's Souls Feature 1
From Demon's Souls To Elden Ring, How FromSoftware Developed A Masterpiece

The birth and growth of the Soulslike genre has been truly amazing.

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